Blue Lake | A Mountain Elopement


What a meaningful afternoon we spent revisiting these photos. Because this session took place at such a pivotal time. A time when we were launching into a new world of full time photography. When we were sculpting and refining a vision. A dream that the image making process could be authentic and unique and timeless and artistic all at once. It was something we saw in our heads and set out to create in our sessions. And it all came together. On this fall day. With these two. In the backwoods of Idaho.

And this session flat out changed us. As artists. And as entrepreneurs. For two reasons. One, it was the first time we hauled all of our gear into a full on backwoods location for a session. We've been taking cameras into the wilderness for years. But to just for fun. For us. Never for a full session. And you know what? We fell in love with it! Sure it's out of the way, but that's the whole point. We're not in this for easy. We're in it for authenticity. And it doesn't get much more authentic than portraiture that is wholly and completely yours. You're not going to stumble upon another couple with the same images. It's just one more opportunity to infuse your story and your personality into your session. Where is a meaningful location for you? A place so special that it soothes your soul and lifts your spirits. Because that's a great place to start.

Second, this is when we implemented a bit of a crazy idea. We are professional photographers charged with capturing the most joyous, momentous days of your life. And guess what? We will not ask you to smile. Because that smile is not authentic. It's an ingrained habit from your childhood. Someone says smile and you immediately plaster on some cheesy grin. Instead we arm you with tricks to relax your face (read: no angry faces here) so your expressions are soft and natural. And as we learned on this beautiful day, couples laugh. And each and every one is a real moment. A shared laugh that will always be a special interaction between you. Not a forced moment from your photographer. But a genuine moment of connection and joy. After all, isn't that the moment you want to remember forever?