A Desert Family Session


As a child, my mother was insistent about scheduling a family photo session every single fall. And I remember the routine just like it was yesterday. The outfit planning and choosing a location. Battling my grumpy little brother. Getting everyone to the session on time and without any spills or dirt on our clean clothes. And though I looked forward to seeing the final images back then, it's nothing compared to how much I enjoy seeing those photos now.

Between my brothers and I, someone changed by leaps and bounds each year. We lost teeth and had growth spurts. And my parents slowly got older. I love looking at our 90s outfits and my hilariously poor hairstyling choices as a tween. And I love how my mother has them on display, even today. The 5x7 of her and my father that sits on the side table. The frame of my brothers and I in our denim jumpers that hangs in the entry.

I'm forever grateful that we have this part of our story so beautifully documented. And it's a philosophy that I proudly carry into our family sessions today. Because it's such an honor to capture your family every year. And I know firsthand how much these photos will mean to you someday. So we don't just snap a few posed family shots. Instead we try and capture something much bigger, much harder to grasp. We try to capture just a little bit of the uncomplicated joy of childhood and the simple magic of being a family.