Megan + Roger


Weddings are about people. Plain and simple. Two humans coming together. But also two families. Two friend groups. And perhaps that is what we love best about intimate weddings. They're so small that there's no his side and her side. It's just a collection of people with one brand new marriage in common. 

Megan and Roger, it was such an honor and blessing to be a part of your day. Every moment was sweet and genuine and a pleasure to capture. You two are far too easy to be around. The hours slipped through our fingers and before we could believe it, the day was through. The laughter, tears, and slow dances on the beach each became a precious moment frozen forever in time. And so more than anything, we hope these images remind you of the joy and celebration that surrounded you on your first day as man and wife. Congratulations!

Venue:  Kathryn Albertson Park

Dress: BHLDN