Old World Romance


Styled sessions seem to be everywhere these days. But what purpose do they serve? Well we can't speak for anyone else, but for us, styled sessions are a chance to creatively recharge. Switch up what we've been doing in favor of something that is outside of the box. And hopefully inspire a few of you in the process.

As you know, I lived in Europe and really learned to love photography while wandering old cobblestone streets. And while I'm head over heels for the mountainous glory of the Pacific Northwest, sometimes I miss the stature and history of the places I used to call home. And that is where the inspiration for this session was born.

It was all about mixing old world romance with a clean, minimalistic modernism. Opposites attract, right?? The flowers are trailing and soft. The makeup is simple and elegant. And the gowns are all about the lace. While the venue is expansive and open. And the photography needed to be all of these things too. Soft and elegant. Clean and creative. We slowed down shutter speeds and double exposed our film. Focusing on details and feminine graces. 

Venue:  The Rose Room

Florals:  Wildflower

Gowns:  LaNeige Bridal

MUA:  JC Makeup Artistry

Hairstylist:  Nissy Smith

Decor:  West Elm

Ring:  Prestige Jewelry Boise