Relaxed Bohemian Bridal Session


The bright array of pinks and gorgeous, textured whites make this session a picture perfect post for Valentine's Day. And as the saying goes, less is more. A classic, simple portrait will stand the test of time. Plus, there will be nothing to distract from the beautiful bride. 

Every detail needs to accentuate the bride. It needs to tell a story. It needs to make her feel comfortable. And it should never overpower. We want a glimpse of her spirit and her personality. Everything from the dress and flowers to the design and location need to be in tune.

And as a client, you want to be simple but also authentic to exactly who you were at the time the photos were captured. Because when you look back, you want all the memories to come flooding with them. Are you a hopeless romantic with a wandering soul? Or a gentle sophisticate with eye for design?? 

As with any amazing session, it's a group of talents that bring it to life. Make sure you click the links below and follow all these lovelies on Instagram!

Florals:  Wildflower

Dress:  Rooney Mae Couture

Hair:  Erica at Muah

MUA:  JC Makeup Artistry

Design/Coordination:  Sprout Design

Model:  Devin Casterline