The alternate title for this concept shoot was Bloom Where You're Planted. It's the idea that wherever you end up or wherever it is the windy road of life takes you, embrace it. And do your work. Do the creative thing that brings you alive without waiting until you move to the big city or make the right connections. We believe in God-given talents. And those talents don't worry about zip codes. They just worry about whether you show up, do the work, and CREATE.

And it was that kind of thinking that brought this session to life. The idea that we can bring something into existence that has never been done before. And we can do it right here. In Boise, Idaho. (Well, an hour outside of Boise, if we're being exact). With a corset top MADE OF FLOWERS. And flowing dresses in the faintest hints of blush. And perforated navy gloves adorned with orchids. And ethereal makeup that enhances instead of hiding. Because when it comes to beauty, the question should be why not??

We have the crazy honor of seeing a selection of these images in the current issue of Belong Magazine. You can snag a copy at your local Barnes&Noble or find the issue here: 



Floral Design:  Flowers at Will

Fashion Styling:  Laura Tully Co

MUA:  Blush by Jamie Rose

Models:  Laura Tully, Ellen Rayburn, Lacey Thompson