An Ethereal Mini-Editorial


Even under normal (non-snowpocalypse) conditions, the winters can get long. And for us, that means that we can get a creatively cooped-up. Anybody else feel that too?? 

We miss long walks outside and oh my goodness, we miss actually photographing. For us, this is the time of year we book a majority of our wedding clients. We are planning for the year ahead, but there is precious little photographing. 

And that's why we make sure and find time for some low-key personal work. This session took place last year and was a small mini-editorial piece. It allowed us to break out of the daily grind and feel the cameras in our hands again. The location is a private residence up Bogus Basin road. The inspiration was the open views and the eery, ethereal bare trees.

All images shot on a Pentax 645 with Fuji400h film. Wardrobe and model coordinated by Laura Tully Co.