A New Year's Eve Wedding

but we lean forward to the next crazy adventure beneath the skies.
— jack kerouac

Alana+Jacob's Winter Wedding Highlight Video — by Ben+Joella Photography


Every now and again you come across that rare couple. The couple that you know instantly that each person makes the other both better and somehow more themselves. And such was the case with Jacob and Alana. Her adorable bubbly personality will perfectly balance Jacob's quiet reserve. And his steadfastness will no doubt see her through any storm.

And we have to give amazing props for their bravery in the face of the snow-pocalypse. Twenty minutes of biting cold for a lifetime of breathtaking winter wedding photographs. We hope that these images are cherished forever. 

This New Year's Eve wedding was also the official introduction of Ben+Joella Wedding Films! We added a few amazing associate videographers at the end of last year and are so excited for you to see all that we have planned for 2017!