Snowscapes | Peel Apart Polaroids


Remember the old peel apart Polaroids? Well great news....they still exist! And we love the image making process they still give us. Snow has covered the ground for weeks on end now, which also means that we're looking for fresh and new ways to capture the world around us. So we did a mini series entirely on peel apart Polaroid film. 

 All of these images were shot on a POLAROID AUTOMATIC LAND CAMERA. Made between 1971 and 1977, it's got a look and feel all it's own. From the bellows to the range finder, it's a little bit different than anything else in our arsenal. Plus, it allows for double exposures. And everybody knows double exposures are our ongoing addiction. 

Look closely at the middle image. Can you see my silhouette? This is a double axis, double exposure. We took the first image of me (wearing fingerless gloves and holding our monster Pentax medium format film camera) then turned the camera and took a photo of the tree-lined horizon. Don't see it yet? HINT: rotate the image 90° to the left. 

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