Zach + Melissa | Shore Lodge Wedding


What can we say! Zach and Melissa's wedding day was flat-out amazing. It was our first time photographing at Shore Lodge and we absolutely loved it. Melissa’s room was not at all what you’d expect in a rustic lodge. There were vaulted ceilings and two story windows. Cascading curtains and glass balconies. It started the day off with a sense of imagination and magic. 

And it seemed like every window in the whole place had a water view. But the best view of all was the ceremony. As the couple stood hand-in-hand, surrounded by an abundance flowers and loved ones, there was nothing but the light speckled waters of Payette Lake behind them. 

Every wedding is so different. Each has their own ethos and vibe. But this one? The celebration was so friendly. We felt like guests, like we were all a part of the family. Everyone danced. It struck that balance of laid-back and meaningful. And it’s a major testament to Zach and Melissa as a couple. They have that rare ability to put people at ease. 

We are so honored to have been part of this day and a part of their story. And there are so many little moments that we’ll keep close to our hearts. Some of our favorite images from the whole day came right at the end. Just before the grand exit, when the bride and groom danced on an empty dance floor while everyone was outside preparing sparklers. There, in the final moments of their one and only wedding day, they twirled with reckless abandon and unbridled joy. 

P.S. Behind-the-scenes, this wedding is also the perfect example of what can happen when you choose vendors you really trust and then let them do their thing. These are the people whose passion and work ethic make your dreams and vision come to life. Shore Lodge worked tirelessly to make sure every tablecloth was steamed and every plate of food was magazine worthy. The DJ’s kept everything on schedule (a huge hallelujah for us!) and were beyond talented at keeping the mood high and the party hopping. The flowers were absolutely flawless. Meticulously sourced and hand assembled on the day. It was a privilege to work along side each of you.

Venue + Catering:  Shore Lodge

Florals:  Edwards Greenhouse

DJs:  Soundwave

Dress:  La Neige Bridal //  Martina Liana Bridal

Wedding Cake:  Stacey Cakes