City Guides: SEATTLE


No trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to the Public Market. Treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers and enjoy the displays of fresh seafood. This trip we freed ourselves to do all the tourist attractions we hadn't done in years. And with fresh eyes, we enjoyed every minute of the half day we spent wandering the market. 


The original Starbucks location complete with the original logo. If you're planning on grabbing a cup of joe at the original location, prepare for longs lines and a fun buzz of activity (note the musician!)


A double exposure of the Seattle skyline and the water. We create these in camera by taking two images on the same roll of film. We love how subtle the skyline is in this water-prominent shot. This photograph is one of our favorites and is available for purchase as part of our limited Seattle Collection!


Taking the ferry was one of Ben's MUST-DO items so we hopped the ferry to Bainbridge Island for a quick and easy day trip. Bainbridge has an adorable stretch of shops and restaurants all easily walkable from the ferry port. We ate our lunch on the patio overlooking the water at The Harbour Public House and then picked up some fresh fudge at the adorable Bon Bon Confections. The skyline is the view from the ferry heading back into Seattle. A windy but amazing day!


When the weather strikes, you take advantage! Long story short, we were extras in a commercial being filmed near Golden Gardens in Seattle and when we were done the day was just TOO PERFECT to pass up, so dress-or-no-dress, I was going paddle boarding! And it was so worth it...we spotted sea lions and jelly fish and enjoyed the deep blue waters of the Sound.


There's a reason there are the most photos in this little's because we fell in LOVE with old town Ballard. We found ourselves coming up with reasons to be there for the day. Whether it's the adorable shops, the amazing farmer's market (summer's only), or the yummy molten lava cakes (Hot Cakes), everything you choose is a winner. And Ben especially loved watching the Ballard Locks where the boats pass through in either direction. The steep hill overlooking the locks is the perfect place to munch on a picnic lunch, watch the boats, and catch up on some reading. Oh and don't forget to stop by La Isla for it's lively atmosphere and spectacular Puerto Rican food. This one was recommended to us and now it's a can't-miss in our book! 


There's nothing prettier than Seattle on a crisp, sunny fall day. So if you're considering visiting, the autumn is a great bet! And while you're there, hit up Steelhead Diner just off Pike Place for some of the best seafood in town. Best fish+chips award!


There are definitely some quirks and a bit of a learning curve when adapting to life on the road. And Seattle made for the perfect first stop. And just like we hoped, we're so grateful for the amount of time we're able to live in each city. It gives us a chance to take a breath and really get to know a place in a way you just can't do in a 48 hour trip. All in all, we were blown away by our time in Seattle. People were so kind and accommodating (you know who you are!!) and we were able to meet with so many people working hard to be a force of creativity and positivity in the world around them. Thanks Seattle! Next up, Kauai...